Victor Suriel

UPDATE (8/01/16):

I'm currently working on a new personal website that looks more professional. Enjoy this one while you can...

Hello! This is my personal homepage where I like to discuss math and other things I care about. My interests include statistics (regression analysis, machine learning, graphical models), and Partial Differential Equations.

This whole website was coded by me using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL. I also regularly write scientific code in C++, Python, and MATLAB; you can find most of these codes on my GitHub. For a more complete view of my professional experience, please connect to me on my Linkedin.

As of recently, I've been really interested in machine learning. I'm currently working on several projects: my most recently completed one is a program that plays rock paper scissors using frequency analysis. I entered it into to compete against programs other people have written, and it currently wins about 70% of its matches.